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  • Who said you weren’t enough?

    Heyyyy friends!!! Let’s just dive right into this topic! Who said you weren’t enough? Honestly forget that damn question! It doesn’t matter who said it! First of all, no one can tell you anything about yourself but you. So we are going to let that go over our heads! We deal with people in this […]

  • Blog change mid 2022

    I finally decided to make some changes to my blog! No more “Fobem” :(! It was a pleasure. But i am ready to open up new doors, and changing my domain name was something i felt that would be a good deed for me. I need something that expresses Seqouia, that expresses others who can […]

  • 3 Ways To Find Motivation When You Have None – LIFESTYLE

    Feeling unmotivated can happen to the best of us and sometimes you get into such a slouchy mood that even thinking about making positive changes to your lifestyle, it seems way too hard. Lack of motivation can be the biggest fumble to achieving your goals. But it’s never too late for change, because there is […]

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